Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Psycho Motel Vol.2 (2011-2012) FREE COMPILATION!!!

Here it is, folks! Psycho Motel Vol.2, another FREE compilation featuring every band to play Psycho Motel since Volume 1 (except Bad Taste Barbies, an oversight for which we sincerely apologise)... 27 tracks of non-stop garage, rock n' roll, punk, surf, gothic and weirdness. 
01 Thee Eviltones - "Psycho Motel"
02 Lovecraft - "One For The Furnace"
03 The Staches - "You Never Stop"
04 The Vinyl Stitches - "Bundy's Butterfly"
05 Sea Witches - "Another Clown Fight"
06 The Witches - "Burn Out The Bruise"
07 Pete Bentham and the Dinnerladies - "That London"
08 The Cedar House Band - "Rock To My Roll"
09 El Toro! - "Ain't Gettin' It This Time"
10 Raw Bones - "Nettles"
11 The Dead Class - "Euphobia"
12 The Temps - "Soup"
13 The Fag Machine - "Formaldehyde"
14 Brown Brogues - "Treet U Beta"
15 Ricky Spontane - "Dr McCoy"
16 The Shook Ups - "The Magic Touch"
17 Dr Vampire - "Wolfman Stomp"
18 The Stags - "Texas Cave Salamander"
19 The Wasters - "Simple Life"
20 Rent Boys - "Live That Way"
21 Dirtblonde - "White Horses"
22 Sonic Rednecks - "Sister Love"
23 Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show - "New Kinda Kick"
24 The Dave Fishel Jazz Trio - "Caravan"
25 Poisoned Electrick Head - "To The Quick"
26 Phlegmings the Singin' Bellboy - "Dial 'M' For Motel"
27 Zombina and the Skeletones - "I Go Psycho!"

Click here to download it for FREE! (.zip file, mp3 format)
[IMPORTANT - on the download page, click the link under the file name, not the big link at the top - as this is a trick and will install a sendspace toolbar and all kinds of stuff you don't need.]
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Mwah! x

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