Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Psycho Motel Vol.2 (2011-2012) FREE COMPILATION!!!

Here it is, folks! Psycho Motel Vol.2, another FREE compilation featuring every band to play Psycho Motel since Volume 1 (except Bad Taste Barbies, an oversight for which we sincerely apologise)... 27 tracks of non-stop garage, rock n' roll, punk, surf, gothic and weirdness. 
01 Thee Eviltones - "Psycho Motel"
02 Lovecraft - "One For The Furnace"
03 The Staches - "You Never Stop"
04 The Vinyl Stitches - "Bundy's Butterfly"
05 Sea Witches - "Another Clown Fight"
06 The Witches - "Burn Out The Bruise"
07 Pete Bentham and the Dinnerladies - "That London"
08 The Cedar House Band - "Rock To My Roll"
09 El Toro! - "Ain't Gettin' It This Time"
10 Raw Bones - "Nettles"
11 The Dead Class - "Euphobia"
12 The Temps - "Soup"
13 The Fag Machine - "Formaldehyde"
14 Brown Brogues - "Treet U Beta"
15 Ricky Spontane - "Dr McCoy"
16 The Shook Ups - "The Magic Touch"
17 Dr Vampire - "Wolfman Stomp"
18 The Stags - "Texas Cave Salamander"
19 The Wasters - "Simple Life"
20 Rent Boys - "Live That Way"
21 Dirtblonde - "White Horses"
22 Sonic Rednecks - "Sister Love"
23 Vince Ripper and the Rodent Show - "New Kinda Kick"
24 The Dave Fishel Jazz Trio - "Caravan"
25 Poisoned Electrick Head - "To The Quick"
26 Phlegmings the Singin' Bellboy - "Dial 'M' For Motel"
27 Zombina and the Skeletones - "I Go Psycho!"

Click here to download it for FREE! (.zip file, mp3 format)
[IMPORTANT - on the download page, click the link under the file name, not the big link at the top - as this is a trick and will install a sendspace toolbar and all kinds of stuff you don't need.]
P.S. Go get your Legendary Shack Shakers advance tickets from Curious Orange, Renshaw St. or from http://www.seetickets.com/Event/THE-LEGENDARY-SHACK-SHAKERS/The-Kazimier/626761 before you miss your chance!!!

Mwah! x

Psycho Motelevision Episode 4 [Shack Shakers Promo]

Aw, yeah! It's Motelevision time again, magnets! Dare you enter Rupert Tinglebottom's Toolshed of Fear?
GoodGuy Joe and Tinglebottom have hired ace detective Gil Spanner to solve the mystery of who keeps covering up the "Psycho Motel XII: Psycho Mo-Hoedown with the Legendary Shack Shakers" posters with posters for some sort of fish-night... but does Gil have the necessary moxy to crack the case?

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Monday, 16 April 2012

Micro Motel: Graveyard Disturbance 18/04/12

It's nearly time for Psycho Motel XII: The Psycho Mo-Hoedown with the Legendary Shack Shakers! We suggest that you go get yourself a £5 advance ticket from Curious Orange or from http://www.seetickets.com/Event/THE-LEGENDARY-SHACK-SHAKERS/The-Kazimier/626761

Maybe it will help to mentally prepare you for it if you come along to our lil' Micro Motel event at Basement 20 this Wednesday...
We'll be selling Shack Shakers tickets on the door here, too. And we've got two to give away to the first people to recognize a Legendary Shack Shakers record when we play it!

It's also the official single launch for THE TREEMAN, who you may know as "The Angriest Guitarist in the World" from Youtube...
...so get there early if you want one of those sweet "Tree Coloured" vinyls he's gonna have with him; also so you don't miss DICK VENOM AND THE TERRORTONES, those garagebilly monsters from Nottingham...
...and Liverpool's mighty SALEM RAGES, spooky punk rock from ex-Cold Ones and SSS people...
...and of course, the icing on the cake, all the way from Los Angeles, Calivania, the eerie horrorpunk/psychobilly stylings of REZUREX...
...The Psycho Motel DJs promise to play only the scariest, most Halloweeniest rock n' roll we can muster all night. So come on down. It's only three quid, like.

Tune in tomorrow night for the next episode of Psycho Motelevision, and watch this space for the Psycho Motel volume 2 compilation (can anyone recommend a good file hosting site?) and news about Psycho Motel XIII...