Monday, 19 March 2012

Psycho Motelevision - Episode 3 [March 30th Promo]

The devil is running amuck in the motel this month, making things difficult for Phlemings, but that's not gonna stop Joe from running his mouth and getting all anomalous on ya. 'Cos time travel! Union Jaques tells us a traditional European comedy joke. Flava Flav invents rock n' roll. Flashbacks to the Cross Dressin' Ball abound, with musical guests Sonic Rednecks, The Stags and The Rent Boys. Yes! It's a special episode of the award winning game show Psycho Motelevision with tips, hints and Hogan facts that will come in handy when it's time to come on down to Psycho Motel XI on March 30th...
And remember, kids, get there early and get yourself a FREE Psycho Motel CD, starring every band that's played at Psycho Motel since the last time we gave out free CDs way back in... Dec 2010!!! Gosh!
CDs? Remember them?

Psy Mo 2012: The Year So Far...

We'd like to say a massive fangs to everyone who came down to the first Psycho Motel of the year, Psycho Motel X: The Cross Dressin' Valentines Ball at the Kazimier, and to the first ever 'Micro Motel' event inside Basement 20 last Friday...

For those of you who couldn't make it, here's a peek at what you missed at Psy Mo X! A game of confusing and deadly transvestite Blind Date with Zombina from out of the Skeletones, hosted by The Reverend Dick Crypt (AKA local rap superhero Rikky Wiley) and a perverse slab of noise rock from the ever-so-exciting Rent Boys... who all but destroyed the Kaz with their Yorkshire filth...
...and here's some pretty snaps of Micro Motel at Basement 20 that we've nicked from Adrian Wharton's Facebook page. That man photographs pretty much everything that goes on at Psy Mo, so he's hopefully used to it by now. As you can see, you all outdid yourselves once again in the drunken chaos stakes...
Villy Dead Class + Dave Raw Bones + Jimmy El Toro! + Phlemings...
...+ Everyone else = Congested basement!
Raw Bones ravin' on!
You! Possibly suffocating!
The Dead Class destroying!
You! Levitating!
El Toro! Bringing the Boss Sound!
You! Happy punks having a nice evening...
So, needless to say, we'll be continuing to put on Micro Motel events at Basement 20 alongside the big Motel in the Kazimier... and we've got more up our sleeve that we'll announce later!

Don't forget about PSYCHO MOTEL XI: THE ENCHANTMENT UNDER THE SEA DANCE, 30th March! That's right around the corner! 

Forget even less about PSYCHO MOTEL XII: LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS!!! PSYCHO MO-HOEDOWN 25th April, neither!

The fiendish fun will ever continue...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Psycho Motelevision - Episode 2 [Micro Motel Promo]

GoodGuy Joe has been let loose once again in the Psycho Motel TV studio; he's very eager for you all to come and watch GoodGuy Records' 1st signings, El Toro! live at Psycho Motel's first "Micro Motel" event, at Basement 20, Hardman St., Liverpool, THIS FRIDAY!!!

Also appearing are The Dead Class, Raw Bones, DJ Riggy, DJ Becky Boneshaker, and Phlegmings the Singin' Bellboy, an' it's just £2, stupids!!!

Don't break Joe's heart by not attending. 

Go fast, turn left!
We should mention - this show doubles as a release party for issue 10 of Sideburn Magazine; unfortunately not a magazine about sideburns (although, if there are any magazines about sideburns, Psycho Motel will absolutely host your launch parties) but about the exciting and dangerous world of dirtbike crashing! So expect even more rubber suited people than usual! 

Here's the Facebook event page:

Psycho Motelevision Episode 3, coming later this week... have been warned!