Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Psycho Motelevision - Episode 2 [Micro Motel Promo]

GoodGuy Joe has been let loose once again in the Psycho Motel TV studio; he's very eager for you all to come and watch GoodGuy Records' 1st signings, El Toro! live at Psycho Motel's first "Micro Motel" event, at Basement 20, Hardman St., Liverpool, THIS FRIDAY!!!

Also appearing are The Dead Class, Raw Bones, DJ Riggy, DJ Becky Boneshaker, and Phlegmings the Singin' Bellboy, an' it's just £2, stupids!!!

Don't break Joe's heart by not attending. 

Go fast, turn left!
We should mention - this show doubles as a release party for issue 10 of Sideburn Magazine; unfortunately not a magazine about sideburns (although, if there are any magazines about sideburns, Psycho Motel will absolutely host your launch parties) but about the exciting and dangerous world of dirtbike crashing! So expect even more rubber suited people than usual! 

Here's the Facebook event page: 

Psycho Motelevision Episode 3, coming later this week...
...you have been warned!

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