Thursday, 9 February 2012

Psycho Motel X - 10/02/2012

People always ask us, "How do I keep up with the latest Psycho Motel developments if I'm not a Facebook user?" 

We finally have the answer! Psycho Motel - the blog! Here, we'll post info about our events and the bands involved, photos, DJ playlists, podcasts and all the rest, all in one place, with no 'like' buttons or other such trappings...

Anyway - first order of business = PSYCHO MOTEL X: The Cross Dressing Valentines Ball

Tomorrow night... Psycho Motel is throwing a cross-dressing valentines weekend shindig with the following special attractions:

RENT BOYS - Raw-power glam garage destruction from Leeds

THE STAGS - Hammond led partytime R&B groovies, cum motorcycle enthusiasts

SONIC REDNECKS - Perverted garage punk featuring characters from Dry Retch, 0898, Number One Son and Instant Agony

KURT DIRT - Extraspecial guest DJ (Excorsisters, Bad Taste Barbies) plays us his favourite Dragrock classics

+ The Psycho Motel DJ's, Phlegmings the Singin' Bellboy, "The Last Days of Ed Wood" re-enactment society... etc...

Tickets £4 from Curious Orange or £6 on the door... it's your last chance to grab those cheap tickets, so don't delay!

Here's a wacky little piece of television we composed to get you in the mood...

So yeah, video killed the radio stank. The Psycho Motel Radio Show is dead, long live Psycho Mo television!!!


See you down there, baby!

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